Am Jazz

a very old cassette

2 responses to “Am Jazz

  1. Sam

    why don’t you suck a wet-backs dick. b0b?

    your casette must bring back memories for you but does not translate well to this format

    it sounds like mud

  2. Bobby Lee

    I am fascinated by the nature of information. How does science explain the transfer of chords and melody from the mind of a teenager in 1968 to an anonymous asshole in 2012? A guitar string vibrated 44 years ago and we can still hear it.

    Sounds like mud? Well okay, but that’s not really the point, is it? I could have cleaned up the sound (I have the tools) but I didn’t think the content was strong enough to warrant the effort. My dismal performance on this song led me to abandon any ambition to be a lead guitarist, and ultimately to my decision to take up pedal steel instead.

    So yes, it brings back memories. I think that the most memorable moments in live are often private ones, when we come to sudden conclusions and make life-changing decisions. We rarely have audio records of those moments. This is as close as it gets.

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