the Rhythm Rangers

Pedal steel instrumentals recorded live at Lagunitas Beer Garden, Petaluma, California, in 2017 and 2018.

Blue Jade

Caravan with a Drum Solo

Hey Reece, I Did It!

Tom Bradshaw ventured into a recording studio long ago to create this pedal steel instructional EP record. I especially like Estralita. Tom writes:

At the time of the recording (and throughout my playing career), I used an A6th copedent.  I altered it into a D9th by employing a knee lever to raise the 3rds (strings 2 and 6 which are C#’s) a half tone.  For the tablature I provided for the “Hey Reece …” thing, I then converted my playing into the E9th.  To be honest, I hardly knew what I was doing in the 9th configuration.  To make matters worse for my ego, I gave a copy of the “Hey Reece…” thing to Jeff Newman.  He was within days of releasing his first E9th course.  He sent me a copy of his “Music To Steel By”.  I was really depressed with my playing, as compared to Jeff’s.

Londonderry Air

Rockin’ the Boat

Westphalia Waltz


7" record jacket

This Train

A live performance in celebration of Woody Guthrie by Clusterfolk, July 29, 2012, at Railroad Square in Santa Rosa, California.

Sound Check – Another Side of This Life

01 – Introduction

02 – This Train

03 – Out On The Weekend

04 – I Ain’t Got No Home

05 – California Stars

06 – Against The Law

07 – Looks Like She’s Going On A Trip

08 – This Land Is Your Land

09 – Summer In The City

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