Fuse Blue

A 12 bar blues using the Bohlen Pierce scale C D E F G H Jb A B C, played on the Roland Handsonic and a Sierra pedal steel.

The drum tracks were generated by Band-in-a-Box (I got lazy).


12 responses to “Fuse Blue

  1. Heinz Bohlen

    That’s a great little blues! Thanks a lot, Heinz

    • Bobby Lee

      Thank you, Heinz Bohlen, for discovering this unusual system in the universe of musical tones. Something about it speaks to me. I couldn’t resist learning to use it.

      • Heinz Bohlen

        And you learned it exceptionally well. I came across your Pedal Steel website, and you can be sure about my admiration for the meticulous way you work!

  2. George Buechley

    Wow! Really cool sound. George

  3. Howard Parker

    This may take some getting used to.: -) Wonder how an entire set of this would go over? How’s about another one b0b?

    • Bobby Lee

      I don’t know any local musicians with BP instruments. There is an annual gathering of BP musicians in Germany. Most of their music is very strange, barely listenable IMHO.

      I’m trying to explore it within established song forms. I’ll probably do a 32-bar AABA tune next. If the rhythm and song type are familiar, it’s easier to accept the scale.

  4. Very nice! That’s the first I’ve heard about the Bohlen Pierce scale. Lets hear more!


  5. Very cool. I would like to hang out at a bar or coffee shop where this song is playing.

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